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My son is about to buy a house. Someone installed a oval cast iron tub it's NOT A JACUZZI style tub no jets. But it has a weird drain system on the outlet. Two large 1" ID hoses that go up to a pump. (THERE IS NO SWITCH ON THE WALL TO TURN ON THE PUMP) On the top of the overflow outlet there's 1/4" tubing in the 1 1/2" overflow tube, coming down to the pump. You can see it a little in the other picture without the hoses. Sorry the pictures should be rotated 90 degrees. So just picture things should be rotated. What I'm thinking is that it might be a special fast drain system to drain the tub quickly, triggered by water overflowing down at the top of the tub overflow and going down the 1/4 tubbing that trips a switch for the pump to turn on?? Any thoughts? If your familiar with this system could you please tell me what it is, how it works, and if possible manufacture of this system? If tried to find on internet with no success. Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: LEAH BARBER (Burnsville, MN), 04/11/2017

Thank you for replying. Can't get a good picture of the pump. But it has two large pipes on it which the hoses are attached to. If you think about it, if a plumber installed the new tub that doesn't have any jets why wouldn't he remove the pump system? It is baffling??? I still think it's some kind of fast drain system. I thought about contacting one of those companies that make walk in tubs with quick draining systems to see if they might know. If my son buys the house I'll ask the realtor to ask the owner if they might know? But the owner is pretty old and went to a retirement home. Thanks

- EDNA RICHARDS (San Jacinto, CA), 09/22/2017

This is my guess. Looking at the picture the brass manifold looks like there are 4 ports. 2 are not connected. Would like to see a picture of the pump. It looks like there was a jucuzi style tub there before. This is a guess but that is what it looks like. Ask the owner if the has been a bath remodel.

- JUAN COLLINS (Royal Oak, MI), 10/11/2017

Maybe some kind of hotwater replenish system,haven't seen it before

- HEIDI THORNTON (Surprise, AZ), 10/14/2017

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