Forum Title: Regulator Confusion
When I put my meter on the bathroom sink faucet, with no other faucet open, the meter reads 100 psi. I've tried adjusting the regulator, but no matter which way I turn it, it stays at 100 psi. If I open the shower valve at the same time, the pressure will drop. At this point it will drop to around 30 psi. When I close the shower valve, the pressure will slowly rise back up to 100 psi. Before I adjusted it, with the shower valve open, it read around 50 psi. I couldn't make heads or tails of the instructions to turn clockwise or counter clockwise because my regulator is installed with the bell and adjustment screw facing the ground. I figured that turning the screw to loosen it (turning to bring more screw out of the regulator) would lower the pressure, right? Should adjusting the regulator lower the pressure that is shown with the shower valve closed, or should there be a 2nd valve open for testing? The reason I messed with it in the first place, is there is a short burst of a squeak whenever any valve in the house is turned off (unless another valve is open). I was hoping that lowering the pressure would stop the squeak.
Category: Plumber Post By: MICHELLE LOPEZ (Schenectady, NY), 07/23/2016

New regulator fixed everything.

- EMILY BARNES (Wilmington, NC), 09/01/2017

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