Forum Title: Leak at drain elbow and p-trap PVC kitchen sink
Hello. I installed a new garbage disposal and when I went to reattach the PVC p-trap to the drain elbow, I can't get a good seal, and a leak persists that flows out of the underside of the nut that connects the two. The nut is attached to the p-trap and seal upwards to the threads of the drain elbow. I'm afraid I might have damaged the nut slightly when removing the disposal but it still seems to tighten along the thread of the drain elbow without any issues. I'm confused as to whether a cracked nut could actually result in a leak since the nut floats freely from the "inner" pipe-- it is only ensuring the seal of the elbow and p-trap and doesn't appear to me to be involved in the actual flow of water. Could a micro-crack or similar in the nut cause this leak, even if the seal between the p-trap and the elbow appears tight? There's some physics going on that I'm not quite getting. I should mention that there was no washer connecting the two, I'm a novice so not sure if that is standard (but I was told at a store that it's normal for this set-up). Driving me a little crazy, thanks for your suggestions Dave
Category: Plumber Post By: ERNEST LONG (Lodi, CA), 07/31/2017

post a picture of your problem.

- JIMMIE BALL (Palm Bay, FL), 09/07/2017

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