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I've been having a difficult time in getting a new PVC P-trap assembly leak-free under my kitchen sink. I think part of the issue as I try to transition from metal components was using pipe dope on the PVC fittings as one might do with metal components. I intend to strip out and try to get into PVC and given PVC is inexpensive enough, go back in with new parts and no pipe dope. One big question I have is the transition fitting that connects the trap to the steel pipe in the wall (attached image). For PVC, can I use the existing steel fitting or should I remove it and install a special PVC fitting in its place? Any special nut and plastic compression sleeve or just a standard plastic nut and compression tapered sleeve? Access is pretty tight so I thought I'd leave it if possible but eliminating leaks is of course, most important. TIA
Category: Plumber Post By: JUSTIN MORRIS (Bristol, CT), 05/13/2017

Yeah if you are gonna go tubular use the pvc tubular. That's just my preference. Others might think otherwise

- LESLIE FRAZIER (Rock Island, IL), 08/31/2017

I would get rid of that adapter and just go with a fernco. If the galvanized coming out of the wall is 1-1/2 you can use a DTC110 also if you are using a tubular trap as opposed to a regular sch40.

- LONNIE ZIMMERMAN (Odessa, TX), 09/25/2017

Thanks SHEPLMBR. Here'a pic of the same thing that served me well for a number of years but this time, it appears the rubber gaskets (sleeves?) aren't holding up at the yellow arrow nut connection areas. This mess got started when I tried to snake a drain issue and poked a hole in the old tubular trap for a problem I still have on the other side of the wall (still a plugging issue) so I'll be snaking the other side of the wall and then working this trap area over to make leak-free soon. Also, the trap didn't seem to leak until I followed the recommendation of many, to pour boiling water down my drain to clear the plugged drain. Everything under the sink is new now and I have enough money in it where I HOPE to just wipe pipe joint compound off and re-use everything, if that would be possible. Otherwise I was thinking new and PVC fittings, just to save in the replacement costs the second time around. Thoughts?

- AGNES MCDANIEL (Frederick, MD), 10/04/2017

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